BORN MAY, 1976, GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN. When Calle Svenssons father Nisse thought he was finished with women at age 54 he found Elisabeth, 24, on vacation in Sicily. Eventhough Elisabeths father was a priest with catholic views and just a few odd years older than Nisse, it didn´t stop them. Calle and his sister Lotta came to grow up with many influences and a big family in Sweden, Norway and Italy. When Elisabeth was not in the kitchen making paninis and grisinis, she was working with jewelry and as a secretary supporting the family. Nisse ran away from home aged 14, joined the navy, married three times and had seven children. Calles grandfather, the priest, traveled the world as a professor of theology, had private sessions with the Pope, printed resistance papers in his house when the Gestapo knocked on the door and a fellow, known as “Uncle Hans” in the family, had uniforms from different countries in his wardrobe. At home there was always good food and wine, tennis with Borg and Wilander on TV, and Calle felt very inspired to do a lot of things. About twelve years old he decided that after graduating he would be going to America. Seven years later, after graduating economic studies at high school, Calle continued with journalism at university level in Washington D.C, where he found himself bursting with energy while filming and taking pictures. But the love of a girl made him go back to Sweden and it would be many years before he devoted himself to pictures and storytelling. Calle started his own company selling vitamines and minerals and later moved to the island of Mallorca, in search of a life more interesting. After two years his passion for food got him into cooking at some of the islands finest restaurants and he bought his first camera. With a Visa card, passport and a camera the new adventure had begun. He returned to his hometown and got started assisting photographer Uno Lindström at Göteborgs Fotostudio and when Alex Majoli, president of Magnum Photos in New York City, said >>You need an agent<< after looking at his first pictures, from the stories PACHINO and IKEA STUDIO, Calle got fully committed. He is presently photographing a variety of subjects worldwide. See and follow most recent news HERE. Calle is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.