RAGUSA IBLA, SICILY, ITALY. 2011. THE DUOMO RESTAURANT in Ragusa Ibla is presently the only restaurant on the island with two stars in the food bible Guide Rouge Michelin. You eat for three hours, at least, you have to! But chef Ciccio Sultano also really stands out as a role model being inspired by fast food (but real traditional street food) and also for going against the normal way of survival when it comes to running restaurants.

Pure and good comes first! Yes, there are some crazy people like Ciccio who just has to do it this way. He don´t think about money first. Quality is more important than profit and the small, tiny kitchen has more people working than there are tables in the restaurant. It´s a very daring way to run a restaurant, but very good. It made him, and it came with a lot of profit too! And Angelo Di Stefano, the longtime business partner, got his position because he came to the restaurant to eat so many times that Ciccio just had to hire him. Who could better take care of the guests than him!?