- Work in progress / INDIA - On the path of my grandfather


KOLKATA. APRIL 2014. When we were kids our grandfather Nils showed me and my sister Lotta some silver spoons he had collected as a memory from his travels and told us stories related to the trip from when he had purchased each spoon. Two of the images that I have had with me in my head all my life is from a trip he made in 1968.

My mother Elisabeth sent me up some pages from my grandfathers unpublished memoirs before my trip. With fascination I could read about his experiences and adventures, the recommendations he got how to stay away from cobras during the night, the death of a scorpion on the bathroom floor, the getaway from an ambush in a beaten old Land Rover, but the travel in India started very quietly for him at the LEE MEMORIAL MISSION. My first morning in Kolkata I went there to take a look where he had slept his first nights.